How to Save Money on Braces
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How to Save Money on Braces

12 Nov, 2015

How to Save Money on Braces

Today getting braces on your teeth has become a regular part of childhood. As they say "Tin grins are in & expensive." I remember spending more money on my kids braces than I care to remember. Now orthodontic treatments have an average cost of at least $5,000, and can go much higher for more extreme corrections. What does dental insurance cover? ZERO!
We all want the best for our children, and having a nice smile is important for a persons self image throughout life. Whether it's a job interview or a first date a bad smile can greatly effect our confidence and how we present ourselves. Today there are a number of different treatments, many of them fairly simple that can fix teeth and make a person want to smile. The problem is that dental insurance doesn't cover anything considered "cosmetic", leaving all of us paying out of our pockets for important treatments. For an average income family this is a significant expense.
I have been disappointed in dental plans for other reasons as well. There is always a limit on the annual benefit so a person has enough to get a check up and cleaning but much more. After you use that benefit up you are on your own. When many people consider this fact along with the exclusions and the cost, they decide to not to spend the money.
This is a dangerous route to choose. When you have no insurance the cost of dental care is expensive so the easy thing to do is put off treatment. What many don't realize is that there are health conditions which pose a much larger threat to our well being but dental problems can be very painful and can lead to a number of other health issues Such as.
* Heart Disease.
* Diabetes
* Head aches
* Ringing in the ears
* Much more.
So how do you save money? First of all you can shop around and see what different orthodontists charge for their service but there are a couple things to be aware of.
1. As in any field there are those doctors who are better than others so you want to check them out.
2. Every mouth is different so they would need to do an exam before they could give you a price. This exam isn't free so you probably want to have a good idea about whether or not you want to use them before you take this step.
Second you need to ask the provider what they can do. Many dentists & orthodontists are looking for new business so they are willing to work with people. They will often offer a small discount or a payment plan that works for you.
There is now a new option available. It's a concept called "Customer Driven Health care" and it is growing in popularity as more people hear about it. The idea is simple, membership groups sign contracts with health care providers for discounts in exchange for new business. The providers have other advantages from not having to go through the expensive process of billing insurance to tax advantages.
For the consumer it's a great deal...
1. Most membership groups have a very affordable monthly fee that is only a fraction of dental insurance premiums.
2. All treatments are included so you never have to worry that the insurance company will exclude what you need done.
3. Most of these plans also allow ongoing conditions so even if your teeth have been bad for years you can use your membership to save money.
4. These groups also have no limit on the benefit so even if you join to save on braces you can use it for all your families dental care and never worry that it will run out.
When it was first developed it was for dental providers only but today has caught on with primary care physicians, vision providers, pharmacies and chiropractors as well.

I have found one such group that has a plan called DENTAL PLUS and it can save you thousands of dollars. For less than twenty dollars a month per household you can receive discounts of 50% - 80% on all of your dental treatments including orthodontics and cosmetic procedures. There is no limit on the benefit and no exclusions.
On braces alone members save 58%. So if your braces cost $5,000 you will only pay $2,100. Your traditional, more expensive, dental insurance covers ZERO!
The DENTAL PLUS plan has over 30,000 dental providers nationwide so you are almost sure to have at least one near you. Not all providers are accepted. They need to meet a strict criteria and allow inspections to make sure they meet the standards set by the group.
To make things even better this same plan also gives you similar discounts on vision, prescription medication and chiropractic care with no additional monthly cost.
The Dental Plus plan also has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Try the plan for 30 days, if you're not satisfied they'll give you your money back.
For more information go to: Discount Family Dental & watch the movie then click Dental Plus.

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