How to Make Dental Care More Affordable
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How to Make Dental Care More Affordable

12 Nov, 2015

How to Make Dental Care More Affordable

Going to the dentist isn't one of those things we like to think about. Many of us wait until we are in pain before we do go which means more work, more discomfort and of course more money. I can't do anything about the pain in the mouth but there is a solution to the pain in the wallet.
As in all fields of the health care industry the expense of care has been on a sharp rise for a number of years which gives us one more excuse to put off visits. There is a rising number of people who no longer have health insurance and the number without dental coverage is even higher. To make things worse the amount that dental insurance pays many times seems minimal.
A few years ago I was with a company that had a pretty good benefits package. I had a bad tooth and went to the dentist. After the initial examination a nurse came in and told me that I was going to need a root canal. I had dental coverage but this one procedure was going to use up my entire years benefit and I had to pay the remaining $200. When I walked away my tooth wasn't the only thing hurting. I shared my story with other people and found that my experience wasn't uncommon.
I have been lucky and avoided any other major dental visits since, but the experience has stuck with me.
Recently I came across a new concept called Customer Driven Health Care . This is where patients and providers are brought together in a win / win situation. A new company with a member base of over 1.5 million members gets dentists to sign agreements offering members discounts of 50% or more, in return a flood of business to that practice. Because the average person waits until they are in pain to go see the dentist many practices are needing more business and very willing to join in. It has been a success and today there are providers in almost every town.
At only $19.95 a month per household this program was designed to give people without insurance, but many people who have found their dental coverage to be lacking have found the benefit of using both and joined as well.

The company is AMERIPLAN and the $19.95 plan not only covers dental care but also vision, eyeglasses, contacts, Chiropractors, and prescription drugs.
For more information visit Discount Family Dental & watch the movie then click Dental Plus.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Try the plan for 30 days & if you're not satisfied we'll give you your money back!
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