How To Handle Tooth Pain
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How To Handle Tooth Pain

12 Nov, 2015

How To Handle Tooth Pain

You've seen the commercials: a lady is taking a bite out of a serving of ice cream before clutching the side of her face in obvious pain, or the man who takes a swig out of his icy cold ice tea and winces at the very bad feeling in his tooth. Of course this commercial is promoting a product to stop tooth pain; however, a painful tooth can be a sign of a serious problem that needs to be checked out by your dentist right away.
Tooth pain and sensitivity are issues many adults deal with every day. You may have experienced minor discomfort that goes away after a bit, or perhaps you deal with some sort of discomfort daily. Either way, you should speak to your dentist and schedule an exam so your dentist can take a look at your tooth and gums to make sure there isn't a bigger problem that could cause more pain down the road.
You may be avoiding your dentist if you experience tooth pain or sensitivity because you are nervous about going to the dentist. Perhaps you don't like the whole experience or you just don't want to have to think about needing your teeth worked on. However, going to your dentist regularly (most recommend a visit every six months) can prevent future oral health problems, as well as spot issues in the making and proactively take care of any potential problems.
But tooth pain should be considered as a signal that you should have your teeth checked out instead of covering up the sensation with any topical gels or ointments. If you make an initial exam appointment with your dentist, he or she can perform some simple exam techniques - probably including some x-rays - to see if there is a need for any treatment. He or she will explain to you what is wrong with the tooth, possible contributing factors, and how to fix the problem as well as prevent it from happening with your other teeth. Your dentist can also check all of your teeth on such a visit to make sure all of your other teeth are in a good and healthy condition.
If your dentist does recommend further treatment, he or she will explain the procedure and your options. If you find you still have anxiety, you can talk to your dentist about oral sedation and other ways that are available to provide the best in comfort during the appointment when you have your tooth (or teeth) worked on. You can be sure that you'll have a relaxing and comfortable experience. Depending on your dentist's recommended treatment plan and your schedule, you can have flexibility with your treatment by splitting it up into several visits or have as much as possible done in one visit.
Your teeth are an important part of your overall health. Your dentist can discuss with you ways to ensure you have the best oral health practices, such as proper brushing, frequent flossing and avoiding foods or habits that can impact your teeth. Make your healthy smile last a lifetime!

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