How To Get Your Perfect Smile
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How To Get Your Perfect Smile

12 Nov, 2015

How To Get Your Perfect Smile

Recently, a survey was conducted in United States to ascertain one most important factor that attracts people the most towards the opposite sex. The results only confirmed what we always suspected... a whooping 95%of people said that they were attracted by the smile of the other person. The huge impact our smile makes on our life is now scientifically confirmed and we now have one more motive to ensure that our smile remain perfect.
Everybody starts with healthy teeth but how long they remain healthy depends entirely on our own effort. However, tooth loss is something that is not entirely in our own hands. You can lose teeth to old age, due to some medical condition or an accident. But thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you don't have to live toothless for the rest of your life. Dental implants provide replacement teeth that look, feel and work just like your original teeth.
Dental implants help you regain the ability to flash your brightest smile knowing well that your teeth look perfectly natural. These implants not only allow you to eat anything you like but also help you maintain and your facial contours which tend to deteriorate in the absence of teeth otherwise.
Dental implants consist of metal posts or frames that are surgically fixed into the jawbone underneath the gums. Bone is then allowed to grow around them and then replacement teeth are screwed atop. Since dental implants are fixed in the bone, they provide long term support and stable hold to artificial teeth.
An experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist is the best person to advice whether dental implants would work for you or not. Their durability depends on your oral hygiene routine as well as the location of the implants. All said and done, dental implants are a great way to make your smile charming and attractive.

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