How to Get Very White Teeth
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How to Get Very White Teeth

12 Nov, 2015

How to Get Very White Teeth

The teeth would usually discolor as time goes by because there are certain foods that can tinge the teeth. It sticks on the enamel, stays, and pile up until the teeth becomes yellow or dark. What's not good is that even tooth brushing twice or thrice a day can't take off the stained that had stuck. And brushing harder would only cause further damage to the teeth and gums.
Sometimes discoloration becomes permanent that home remedies cannot do anything about it. However, there are certain procedures under the cosmetic dentistry that helps reduce or eliminate that ugly stain in your teeth and makes it even whiter than before. The cosmetic dentist will have plenty of recommendations on how to do it either by advising certain teeth products or have your teeth whiten by procedures like teeth whitening or bleaching. Initially the dentist will assess if the discoloration is brought by stains from food and beverages. This is so because there are teeth darkening that are caused by diseases you might not know. These discolorations may require a different set of whitening therapy.
Bleaching can be done in two ways either the power in-office bleaching or the home bleaching. In-office bleaching takes about two hours to finish and the teeth is whiten in a single visit and the result is seen right after the procedure is done. Home bleaching would take one to two weeks to be done and the initial result is hardly noticeable. Plus when you're doing the home bleaching, you need to have a follow-up check up with the dentist. It's more effective to start with the laser bleaching and continue with the home bleaching process. It depends on the desire of how white you want your teeth to be. Usually the result is well accepted by the client. This is an expensive treatment but on the other hand, a worthwhile money spending.
The whitened teeth can last for one to two years, so it's not a permanent procedure. Stained teeth after whitening procedure must wait for about a year before redoing the whitening procedure. Keeping your teeth white after the procedure is up to you. As discussed above, there is certain food that causes discoloration of the teeth. Bad habits like smoking, drinking carbonated drinks, and eating inappropriate food also contributes to darkening of the teeth. These can cause discoloration within a month after the whitening procedure has been done.

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