How Much Does An Upper Denture Cost
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How Much Does An Upper Denture Cost

12 Nov, 2015

How Much Does An Upper Denture Cost

I was recently asked what the cost is for an upper denture and this is a tough question to answer because the costs of dental procedures will vary depending on a few key factors. Some of these factors are what state you live in, the size of the town you live in, how many dentists are in that town and other factors.
Some cities and states have less of a population base, therefore, where there is less competition you can expect to pay more money. For example, if you lived in a small town in Wyoming and it was over fifty miles one way to the dentist, and he was the only dentist or one of the only dentists, I can pretty much tell you that this dentist is going to charge whatever they want and you're going to happily give it them because you need the service performed.
Now let's look at a different example. We'll use Denver, Colorado in this one. In Denver, the usual price for upper dentures is around $1250, give or take. This is likely less than our rural town in Wyoming example above. Why, you ask? Because there are probably a few hundred Denver, Colorado dentists that happen to specialize in dentures that are all willing to do the work. Competition drives down the price of things.
It's highly likely that larger cities like Denver probably have some of the most reasonable dental care rates in the country. Of course this is just shear speculation and there's no way to know 100% for certain without dragging out the yellow pages and making a lot of phone calls, but from patterns that have been established elsewhere, I'd have to say that that's a pretty safe bet. By the way, an upper denture only costs $1250 in Denver, Colorado.

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