How Ignoring Dental Care Can Cause Health Problems
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How Ignoring Dental Care Can Cause Health Problems

12 Nov, 2015

How Ignoring Dental Care Can Cause Health Problems

Recently CBS News did a report on Americas "Dental Insurance Crisis." We hear about the 45 million Americans without health insurance but there is very little said about the more than 100 million or one third of our country without any dental coverage.
Why don't people have Dental Insurance?
How has this problem grown so far out of control? It's impossible to know every reason that people don't buy insurance but there are several common factors that arise most often...
1.Medical & dental costs have shot up to the point that fewer employers can afford to offer benefits. This results in many more people being forced to look for insurance on their own.
2.Dental Insurance is expensive: Many people simple can't afford to purchase dental coverage.
3.Dental insurance has limits: Dental plans have a limit on the annual benefit, usually somewhere around $1,000. As most of us know, if you need very much work done $1,000 doesn't go very far. After you use up the benefit you are on your own.
4.Dental insurance has exclusions: Dental plans exclude many treatments such as cosmetic dentistry & orthodontics. Any of these procedures are paid 100% out of pocket.
5.Many families are on a tight budget: Dental insurance isn't seen as a pressing need so people put off purchasing coverage. As time goes by finances don't get better so insurance stays on hold.
When you put all of these factors together the reason for this problem becomes clear. People are faced with paying a large expense out of their own pocket to get coverage that seems to exclude more than it pays for. To a family that lives on a tight budget this is one of the first things cut out.
What is the result of putting off Dental insurance?
Many people feel they can't afford to go to the dentist without insurance. They also feel they can't afford the insurance. The result is millions of Americans putting off dental visits. Now people are living in pain or are embarrassed about their smile.
The number one health problem in children is tooth decay. Many kids live with chronic pain & 51 million school days are lost each year due to tooth pain. There are programs to help those who need dental care but can't afford it but they are to small & to few to even put a dent in the problem.
Harvard did a study and asked Americans "What would be the first thing you would see the doctor for if we had universal health care?" The number one answer was teeth.
There are health risks associated with delayed dental care.
We all know that putting off dental care can lead to pain and bad teeth, but what many aren't aware of is that it can contribute too much bigger health problems.
1.Plaque on your teeth can release bacteria that cause pneumonia.
2.Gum Disease can release toxins that cause.
A. Heart Disease.
B. Diabetes
C. Colon Cancer
D. Premature Birth
E. Hedgkins Lymphoma
F. Chronic Heartburn
G. Osteoporosis
3.Correcting a persons bite can treat headaches, neck & shoulder pain & ringing in the ears.
4.Infection outbreaks on the teeth can cause certain types of hair loss.
5.Oral exams can detect oral cancer in the early stages where it is very treatable.
To see the entire CBS News report go to

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There is now a solution to the crisis. For only $19.95 / mo. per household you can have a dental plan that gives you up to 80% off all your dental care. Some of the features are...
1.AFFORDABLE: at only $19.95 / mo. per house hold anyone can afford to have a dental plan.
2.NO LIMITS: The benefit will never run out.
3.NO EXCLUSIONS: All treatments are included. Even Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics & Pre-existing Conditions.
4.NO WAITING PERIOD: You can use it almost immediately.
5. INCLUDES: Vision, Prescription Drugs & Chiropractor.
6. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the plan for 30 days. (If you're not satisfied we'll give you your money back!
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