How Effective is Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Teeth Whitening Process
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How Effective is Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Teeth Whitening Process

12 Nov, 2015

How Effective is Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Teeth Whitening Process

Hydrogen Peroxide, a very effective substance produced by oxygen and hydrogen an highly utilized in the dying process of textiles and papers as well as applied as a purifier in health related activities, is used for domestic matters too. A great deal of people extensively uses these ingredients to whiten their teeth. For whitening your teeth, the ingredients mixture can be in the range of three percent to 10 per cent. The higher peroxide quantity of the substance within the above range may enhance it effectively.
High reactivity
Though the substance is highly effective in teeth whitening procedure, because of its high re-activeness, it may cause slight problems to few people irritating some parts of their mouth, specially the gum. In addition, the teeth can become highly reactive to hot atmospheres as well though both these irritable conditions may disappear within a short period. What is the most effective trick of the chemical is its permeation into the enamel thereby inter-relating with internal parts of the tooth making the whitening process effective enough. The ADA recommends the usage of this chemical as a teeth whitening agent after going through many research that proved its harmlessness as well as effectiveness in this regard.
The two chemicals, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, are not the same and knowing this fact is highly helpful for your teeth whitening. The whitening profess of the Hydrogen peroxide is effective only for a very short time as its amalgamation with salvia and oxygen can decrease its effectiveness while, from the other hand, Carbamide peroxide has the power to lower the affectivity of the chemicals to fade off quickly thereby making the whitening of your teeth long lasting and brightening.
Internal operations
As the chemical normally reacts with the teeth's surface and permeates into the internal parts of it thereby interacting with them making the whitening process possible, the artificial teeth that are made of materials such as gold, ceramic or porcelain do not get the desirable result with its usage on them. Nevertheless, the substance is used for cementing of teeth cavities and to produce amalgamation for dental treatments. Nevertheless, it effects can be minimal when used with lower concentrations. Visit Best Teeth Whitener Product for more on these fabulous teeth whitening products

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