Help Ease the Burden of Rising Dental Implant Costs With a Discount Dental Plan
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Help Ease the Burden of Rising Dental Implant Costs With a Discount Dental Plan

12 Nov, 2015

Help Ease the Burden of Rising Dental Implant Costs With a Discount Dental Plan

It's no secret that bills are tight for many. The ails of natural tooth loss and the desire to protect a once-healthy smile have sent many seniors scrambling for a dental savings solution. Fortunately for these seniors, there are alternative dental care savings plans that allow seniors to quickly and easily join and save on the dental specialties they need. As seniors approach age 65, many need dental care savings solutions for specialty procedures such as implants and dentures.
Current research by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research shows that as seniors surpass age 65 they will have lost, on average, 13 teeth, and 26% of people in this age group will have no remaining teeth. Combine these statistics with the unfortunate recent spike dental implant cost and a rising problem is eminent. The cost of dental implants ranges from $3,000 to replace one tooth to $50,000 to replace a mouthful of teeth. Frequent checkups, cleanings and consistent at-home care are great preventive measures, but seniors already experiencing tooth loss need a solution.
Discount dental plans are quick, easy alternatives to dental insurance and select plans offer discounts on specialty services such as dentures and dental implants. These plans are a great solution for seniors already in need of dental work, as most plans activate within just 3 business days. In contrast to many dental insurance plans, discount dental plans are available to all adults regardless of health restrictions. With some of these plans, members can save 20% on specialty procedures such as major extractions, bridges and dentures when they visit participating providers. Members receive a flat discount on many other procedures when they visit participating providers.

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