Handling Your Dental Emergency Until You Get to the Dental Office
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Handling Your Dental Emergency Until You Get to the Dental Office

12 Nov, 2015

Handling Your Dental Emergency Until You Get to the Dental Office

There are several problems that can result in an emergency call to the dentist's office, but depending on the problem, the distance to the office, and the openings in his or her schedule, you might need to do a little home care until you can be seen. This article attempts to address some of the most common dental emergencies and what can be done to alleviate discomfort or reduce the chances of lasting damage.
Toothache It is the most common complaint at a dentist's office, but there are several ways to relieve some of the pain before you ever get there. Begin by rinsing the mouth and then use floss or a toothpick and attempt to remove any lodged food particles that might be causing the problem. If the face is swollen in that region, be sure to apply a cold compress to reduce it. While some mouth numbing agents can be helpful, refrain from rubbing aspirin or other pain killers on the area that hurts. These can cause lasting damage to the gum.
Chipped or Broken Tooth It happens, especially to children, but even adults can chip or break teeth while doing something athletic or even by misusing the tooth. Whatever the reason, when it happens, a chip or break doesn't have to be the end of the world. Save any pieces of the tooth that can be salvaged in warm water and rinse the mouth. Attempt to stop any bleeding with sterile gauze. This might take ten minutes or more. It is always best not to panic. Once the bleeding has stopped, place a cold compress on the nearby area to keep swelling down and get to the dentist as soon as possible. He or she will be able to explain your options for repairing or replacing the broken or chipped tooth.
Tooth Knocked Out Similarly, a tooth that is knocked out should be rinsed thoroughly. Do not attempt to scrub it or remove any tissue that might be attached to it. If able, you may attempt to replace the tooth. Often teeth that are immediately replaced to their initial location will re-root and be fine. If this cannot be done, place the tooth in a small cup of milk and see a doctor within one hour, so he or she can attempt to save the tooth.
Even if you are able to manage the pain, replace a dislodged tooth, or live without the piece of tooth that was chipped away, always see a dentist. A toothache can be a sign of something much worse and broken or dislodged teeth can lead to serious decay or infection. It is always best to seek medical advice and avoid serious complications. A dental office in Colorado Springs can ensure you are all right and that no further action is needed to protect your teeth, mouth, and jaw.

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