Halitosis (Bad Breath) - Vitamin, Herbal and Other Natural Remedies
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Halitosis (Bad Breath) - Vitamin, Herbal and Other Natural Remedies

12 Nov, 2015

Halitosis (Bad Breath) - Vitamin, Herbal and Other Natural Remedies

Most cases of bad breath are because of the build up of bacteria in the mouth. It can be a symptom of gum disease, nose and throat infections, and digestive problems such as constipation. Regular brushing of teeth, flossing and dental visits are necessary for oral hygiene and removing the source of bacterial growth in the mouth. A diet that is rich in raw fruit and vegetables with plenty of fresh water will assist in improving the digestion. it will also help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Bad breath can also be a part of a detoxification program - the body is releasing toxins from where they have been stored and they are being removed via any available route. This includes the lungs, skin, mucous membranes, saliva and so forth - thus the bad breath. As the detoxification continues the bad breath decreases and eventually disappears - the toxins have been removed.
What to do about bad breath
Vitamins and minerals
Vitamin B3 helps to eliminate bad breath and maintains healthy gums.
Folic acid stimulates the regeneration of healthy gum tissue.
Vitamin C improves the health of capillaries and prevents gum bleeding. It is also assist in removing toxins from the body and helps the digestive system.
Zinc is able to neutralise odours.
Other nutrients and herbs
Amino acids are essential for growth maintenance and repair. Glycerine redresses the amino acid imbalance that causes bad breath.
Co-enzyme Q10 improves gum health. It also helps to break down toxins in the liver.
Acidophilus eliminates bad breath caused by intestinal bacterial disturbances. They also help eliminate toxins from the body.
Bioflavonoids work to enhance the action of vitamin C and therefore help to treat bleeding gums. They also reduce inflammation, bleeding and infection speeding up wound healing.
Dandelion root, yellow dock and aloe vera leaf juice are herbs that can be used to relieve constipation. There also needs to be the consumption of a high fibre diet, drinking of plenty of pure water and plenty of exercise. These will assist in the toxin elimination.
Elderflower, yarrow, peppermint, garlic, sage, ginger cinnamon and echinacea are herbs that can be used if the bad breath is associated with nose and throat infections.
Herbal mouth wash
The following mouth wash has antiseptic properties that will assist in eliminating the bacteria in the mouth. It will help get you through until the other measures take effect. The mouth wash also has antiseptic properties so it will eliminate bacteria from the mouth.
1 tablespoon thyme
1 tablespoon wild bergamot
2 tablespoon eucalyptus
1 tablespoon wintergreen

Place the herbs in a jar which has a good sealing lid. Add enough of the vodka to cover the herbs and enough water to dilute the vodka by about 50%. Let this mixture stand in a cool dark place for about a week and then strain out the herbs. This can then be used as you would any mouth wash.
A bad breath (halitosis) is an indication that all is not well and in order to overcome the problem you need to deal with the cause. Safe Colon Cleansing will enable you to heal from the inside and eliminate a bad breath that is associated with the build up of toxins and digestive problems.

Dr Jenny Tylee is an experienced health professional who is passionate about health and wellbeing. She believes that health is not just absence of disease and seeks to actively promote vitality and wellness through empowering others. She encourages people to improve their health by quit smoking, cleansing their body, taking essential vitamin and mineral supplement and many other methods, including herbal remedies. Visit Dr Jenny's blog and join her newsletter for more quality information.

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