Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep
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Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep

12 Nov, 2015

Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep

I wanted to talk to you about grinding your teeth in your sleep. A lot of people do this. In fact, I think everyone does this in some form, but for most people it is so lite that it doesn't really matter. Other people have it really bad. They literally grind away their teeth while they sleep. They wake up in the morning with a splitting headache and they don't have the first clue on why they feel that way. This is a serious condition because you're causing some expensive damage to your teeth. I want to talk to you about grinding your teeth in your sleep and what you can do about it to solve this problem.
The reason this is happening is that you have some sort of mental concern. Mainly a stress or some form of anxiety. Basically you go to sleep, but your mind is still occupied by the stress/anxiety and you just start grinding while you think about it.
There are a few solutions to this problem. The first and easiest one is using a mouth guard. You just use a regular sports one. It basically prevents you from grinding your teeth. It works, but it doesn't really address why it happening.
Another way to stop grinding your teeth in your sleep is to learn to cope with the stress/anxiety that you're experiencing. You maybe able to learn cool yourself down on your own, but you can also speak with a therapist, who can help you learn to cope with these feelings.

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