Free Teeth Whitening - How to Get the Best Free Trial and Not Get Ripped Off
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Free Teeth Whitening - How to Get the Best Free Trial and Not Get Ripped Off

12 Nov, 2015

Free Teeth Whitening - How to Get the Best Free Trial and Not Get Ripped Off

Free teeth whitening trial offers have been around for years, but recently they have been gaining extreme popularity. Like any free trial products, they are indeed free, but they have a hidden trap that you need to know about. Don't worry though, it's not as bad as it might sound. Read on and you'll be whitening your teeth in no time!
Free Teeth Whitening Trials
Online free trials work like this; first they give you the product to try and see if you like it. What many people do not know, however, is that you must call and let them know that you do not wish to receive any future shipments of the product. That's right, unless you call or opt-out on their website, they will send you more of the product and charge you accordingly. You will usually have between 14 and 30 days to opt out, so be sure you don't forget.
How to Get It 100% Free
The solution to this situation is very simple but extremely important. All that you are required to do after ordering the free trial product, is simply call or email the company before the free trial is over and tell them that you would like to cancel any further shipments. The company will have no problem with this and will cancel any further billing to your credit card.
So there it is, the secret is out. Now go sign up for any free trial you want and have no fears of paying for anything more than the shipping and handling. Enjoy your white smile and be proud that you truly got it for free. Just don't forget to cancel before your trial is over!

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