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Find Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

12 Nov, 2015

Find Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

So, you've got a raging toothache and no dental plan and you are frantically looking for dental insurance with no waiting period.
Good luck with that project...
Almost all insurance plans have a six to 12-month waiting period for anything other than simple "preventive" procedures like checkups and cleaning.
The rare exceptions are some company dental plans that allow you to go get that filling or crown, even if you just joined the outfit last week. But don't forget, you will likely have to pay a $50 deductible - and the plan probably will cover no more than 50 to 80 per cent of the procedure.
Don't blame the insurance companies. It's just business. It would be like you buying auto insurance for a car that just blew its transmission and expecting to get it fixed like, right now. It's not going to happen.
Toothache still raging?
Try this: Sign up for a discount dental plan and book your appointment today. Most discount plans don't have a waiting period, so you can just go ahead and get any necessary work done. There's also no deductible to pay, either.
OK, here's the "catch" (if you can call it that): Discount dental plans are not like dental insurance, where you pay an annual premium and are allowed a set annual maximum claim of say, $1,000 to $1,500. A discount scheme - like it suggests - offers discounts on a wide variety of procedures, typically 10-60 per cent. For example, you could get an $800 tooth-colored crown for just $500 - a $300 saving.
Many discount plans also cover cosmetic dentistry procedures, which insurance almost never does. For example, one plan I know offers a $3,000 single tooth implant for around $1,800 - a $1,200 saving!
Now discount schemes work with a prescribed list of dentists and you must choose someone on the list.
The cost? Expect to pay at least $100 a year for individual coverage and $150 for a family.
Remember - it is worth getting several quotes for the best deal.

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