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Family Dental Care- Pay Now or Pay Later

12 Nov, 2015

Family Dental Care- Pay Now or Pay Later

Spending money on minor cosmetic issues is something that can be difficult for some people. We often consider a dental cleaning to be something that can be put off for a few months, or perhaps done annually if regular hygiene is kept up with. In reality, regular cleanings are an important part of preventative maintenance of the mouth. Visiting the dentist regularly is actually a wise investment in the long run, since avoiding it can have unforeseen costs.
Believe it or not, your mouth is like your car. If you do not conduct regular preventative care, nothing will first. Then, as time goes on, you'll find that there are buildups and parts that need replacing, and before long you have a junker. What is the dental equivalent of changing the oil and checking the hoses? The regular cleaning!
Regular cleanings remove surface plaque and stains, as well as built up calcium deposits in the teeth. This is often considered a cosmetic treatment, in lieu of what is actually going on. Removing calcium deposits and plaque is important in reducing inflammation and bacteria from the mouth which can lead to gingivitis. If you look at your gums after going some time without a cleaning, you'll see small red lines along the gums: this is the beginnings of gingivitis. This can be easily avoided with regular cleanings. In addition, they are far more comfortable the more often you go!
Dental cleanings are relatively inexpensive, especially with a family dental practice. While it may seem costly in the short run, particularly for those with children, consider this. Ignoring a $50 cleaning could later result in a cavity, which can cost over $100 to fix. Worse, the tooth may need to be removed, which could cost even more. After all that, you'll still have to have them cleaned! As you can see, dental work can easily triple or quadruple in price almost instantly without routine care.
This is especially true with kids. Children, ever growing, can have even more issues with their mouths than adults. Additionally visiting the dentist will establish good habits in your kids to ensure they have life long healthy mouths. Routine care will alleviate concerns later as well, in case your kids need braces or other orthodontic work.
If you have been lax on dental work, or are just new to the area, look for a family dentist today. Family dentistry practices often offer financing and low rates for kids, and offer a friendly environment to encourage dental hygiene.

Cias Hart is a veteran and resident of Arizona. If you're in the Chandler area, you should look for a well known, friendly dentist in Chandler. If you're new to the area, check out Ray's Family Dental Care, a well known family dentist in Chandler, AZ.

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