Dry Mouth at Night
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Dry Mouth at Night

12 Nov, 2015

Dry Mouth at Night

It is not unusual for an adult to experience dry mouth at night, especially because of the lifestyle people have nowadays. It is chronic drying of mouth during the evening which can prove to be bothersome. Alcohol consumption, tobacco use, and too much caffeine are but some factors that can result in drying. The underwhelming production of saliva during this time can even be traced to the medication that a person has been prescribed with. Ultimately, this can give rise to halitosis, mouth sores, swallowing difficulty, sore throat and tooth cavities.
Snoring is thought to be the main cause of dry mouth at night. Constant breathing through the mouth like in snoring can dry up saliva; people who fall asleep with their mouths agape can also experience this in the evening. To address this issue, people who snore are advised to use anti-snoring aids, sleeping on their sides and even practice breathing through their noses. Some are even resort to losing weight.
The key to ease drying of mouth at night is to improve saliva production in the evening. Here are some tips to deal with this kind of drying at night:
1.)Chew Ice cubes: Chewing ice cubes or ice chips 30 minutes before nighttime can moisturize the mouth and induce jaw action to activate the salivary glands to produce saliva.
2.)Chew sugarless gum: Chewing sugarless gum before bedtime can help with the flow of saliva. Hard, sugar free candies will also do the trick.
3.)Water: Increase the intake of water to 6-8 glasses to keep the mouth moisturized throughout the day. Stay off the sugary drinks because too much sugar can cause this.
4.)Medication: Drugs can be prescribed to correct faulty salivary glands and improve if not restore their normal function.
5.)Diet: Alcoholic beverages and drinks that contain caffeine (coffee, tea, and some soda) should be avoided because they may hasten fluid loss due to frequent urination. Acidic drinks (apple and orange juice) should also be avoided. Those with dry mouth should also shun smoking or chewing tobacco.

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