Do Not Buy Individual Dental Insurance Until You Read This!
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Do Not Buy Individual Dental Insurance Until You Read This!

12 Nov, 2015

Do Not Buy Individual Dental Insurance Until You Read This!

Individual dental insurance is exactly what it says it is, a policy that is meant to provide protection for one individual against major dental care issues. This is done mainly by providing low or no cost visits (depending on the plan) to the dentist for routine preventive care. This preventive care includes things like cleanings, x-rays and more. But what if you need to see a dentist right now for a toothache, broken tooth, dentures or other immediate need and you haven't bought your individual dental insurance plan yet? Then, unfortunately, you're on your own. Read on.
You see, insurance is only meant to protect you against an unforeseen event. This means that the purpose of buying an individual dental insurance plan would be to provide financial protection against an unforeseen illness or injury to your teeth or mouth.
The problem here is that insurance is not meant to pay for conditions that are already there. This means that if you already have that toothache and haven't bought your policy yet then you'll have to pay for it yourself. Think about it for a moment. Would you really expect to walk into an insurance agency with several bad teeth, buy a policy for $50-$100.00 to get it started and then immediately go to the dentist to have hundreds of dollars worth of repair work done? Do you honestly believe that any insurance company would pay for it? I can promise you that it won't happen.
If you are in need of an individual dental plan, insurance is not necessarily your best option, especially if you need to be seen right away for an existing problem. Your best bet is to join what's called a "Discount Dental Plan" network. These plans, unlike insurance, will offer you big discounts on most types of dental care regardless if it's an existing problem or not. Many of these plans offer savings as high as 60%, depending on the plan, the procedure, and where you live.
The bottom line here is that individual dental insurance does not provide the protection that people are inclined to believe. For the past 15 years since their inception, Discount Dental Plans have become a more popular alternative to insurance.
If you or someone you love is having problems with their teeth and needs to be seen by a dentist in the near future, you should take a good look at a Discount Dental Plan and what it has to offer before you buy individual dental insurance.

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