Discount Dental Plans - How Do They Work
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Discount Dental Plans - How Do They Work

12 Nov, 2015

Discount Dental Plans - How Do They Work

For those who find themselves without dental insurance for whatever reason, the next best thing to traditional coverage is often a discount dental plan. These plans are open to almost anyone and they can actually make more financial sense to many people, than traditional dental insurance coverage does. Below is a description of how these plans work so that you can determine whether or not they would be a good solution for you.
First of all, there is a membership fee to be part of these groups. Most cost around $100 a year and we wouldn't recommend joining any that cost more than $150 a year. Once you pay the membership fee, you are a full member and will have access to all of the benefits that all members have.
Each group has its own list of participating dentists. These dentists will offer discounted work for the members of the specific group that they are affiliated with. The amount of the discounts are different for the different groups, and depending on what type of dental procedure you are having done. The more routine the procedure, the bigger the discount.
While you will be forced to pay more out of pocket than you would have to pay if you had traditional coverage, often joining one of these groups makes sense financially. If you only see the dentist once or twice a year, the amount you have to pay out of pocket will still be far less than you would have paid in premiums for regular dental coverage.

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