Different Types of Dentures Including Partial Dentures
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Different Types of Dentures Including Partial Dentures

12 Nov, 2015

Different Types of Dentures Including Partial Dentures

Dentures are a way of life for people and are required for various reasons. Each person may require them at different stage of their life, but in general the aged are the most common recipients of dentures.
Before you decide what type of dentures will be best for you, you should know what options are available to you. The three different types of full dentures are known as "standard dentures", "immediate dentures" and "implant retained dentures."
Standard dentures, which are designed for people who have already lost all of their teeth, normally require at least four separate appointments to complete the manufacturing process.
Immediate dentures - sometimes known as temporary dentures-are created before the patient's natural teeth are removed. After a tooth is extracted, a prefabricated denture is inserted directly over the original tooth socket. Most people have another type of denture fitted within a year of getting immediate dentures.
Implant Retained dentures are effective in providing stability and increased chewing force. Implant anchors are positioned by a dental surgeon into the jaw.
Partial dentures are replacement teeth that are attached to a pink plastic base, connected by a metal frame that keeps it in the correct position inside the mouth. If a patient has one or more of their own teeth in the upper or lower jaw, this type of denture may be used, as there are gaps left open for the natural teeth to fit through. The denture fills the spaces between natural teeth and also helps to stop these remaining teeth from shifting their position in the mouth.
The denture development procedure is generally the same as it is for full dentures; typically between four and six appointments are required, over a period of four to six weeks, to make a series of impressions of your jaw and obtain accurate measurements. This is crucial to ensure that your denture is a perfect fit for your mouth.
If you have been advised to get partial dentures instead of full dentures, you may want to consider the fact that this may only be a temporary measure; you may still need full dentures at a later stage. This depends on the condition of your own remaining teeth. This is often a consideration when it comes to working out your finances. Morley Denture Professionals are glad to give you all the possible options and give you a clear breakdown of the costs and lifetime of each one.
For advice on all types of dentures work and information about the procedures you can contact your local denture clinic.

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