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Denture Adhesives - Your Element of Confidence

12 Nov, 2015

Denture Adhesives - Your Element of Confidence

Many of us face dental problems. This can range from discoloration of the teeth to small cracks to toothaches to cavities to old age related problems like teeth falling out. Most of the problems occur due to improper oral care or oral hygiene.
When a person has no teeth left in his mouth he goes for a denture. A denture refers to a replacement of the teeth by false teeth. Dentures may be partial or complete depending upon the number of teeth they have lost or the seriousness of the dental problem. The dentures are able to stay in place due the principle of support, stability and retention. But as we all know, nothing can be a perfect substitute for the original so however well made the denture is, it can never ever have the mechanical support or the hard biting capacity as that in the original teeth. The stability of the denture largely depends on the shape of the mouth and the saliva produced. It is said that patients retain only one-third of their original birth force after a denture and so are not able to have a wide range of food items. This reduces confidence in a person using a denture. They become conscious of it and this makes their life miserable.
In order to give the physical and psychological support we have dental adhesives in the market today. As in the name itself, a denture adhesive is a protective layer of cushioning to the gums which increases the retention of a denture. It enhances a well fitting denture and physically supports a loose one. The adhesive blocks bits of food from entering the denture area and destroying it and hence acts as a gatekeeper for the denture.
When adhesives came into the market for the first time, they were not that effective but with time, improvements have been made on the product to suit the needs and requirements of the users. It is made with very high quality materials which comply with the quality control specifications and offer reassurance to the patient.
It is instructed to every orthodontist to recommend the use of an adhesive immediately after a denture is done to make the patient feel for secure about their denture. It instills confidence in the person and adds to his peace of mind.
The adhesives are soft and soluble and so help to spread the pressure of biting the food particle throughout the set of teeth and thus distribute the pain of biting the food all over the denture.
Initially there were complaints regarding the taste of these adhesives. This complaint has been addressed to by introducing different variants and flavors of the adhesive like mint and some other artificial flavors.
It is primarily required of the patient to understand the importance of using an adhesive and then choose the kind of adhesive that suits his taste the best. Once used, the person can smile his way through life without any hesitation or second thought.

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