Dental Lab - The 6 Essential Equipments
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Dental Lab - The 6 Essential Equipments

12 Nov, 2015

Dental Lab - The 6 Essential Equipments

Dental Lab Equipment are the instruments are used for removal of teeth, and oral cavities. Some of the instruments in dental labs are:
Mirror: Used by a dentist to get a better image inside the mouth especially in the areas where the visibility is quite low or even impossible.
Burs: Constructed from multi-fluted tungsten carbide, a diamond coated tip or a stainless steel multi fluted rose-head. There are different types of burs such as the round bur which are available in sizes varying from ¼ to 10 or inverted cone which are available in sizes of 33 ½ to 90 L. For a slow speed hand piece with attachments, a right angle bur is used. When the contra angle is not in use along with slow speed then the long shaft is used. For high speed hand piece a friction grip bur is used.
Osteotome: Now days, Osteotomes are used in dental implantations. With this technology and with this technique, procedures have been developed to increase the bone quality and high stability of the implants can be ensured with a degree of predictability.
Mouth Prop: This is a wedge shaped implementation used especially used with children who have difficulty keeping their mouths wide open and steady during any treatment where the patient is frozen. With a rubber like texture, it is made up of Thermoplastic Vulcanized material.
Dental Syringe: Used for the injection of an anesthetic. It consists of a syringe with a sealed cartridge having anesthetic solution. This instrument is especially used to supply either water or air to the oral cavity.
Dental Drill: Used to remove decayed material from the tooth prior to filling inside the teeth. Dental drill can rotate up to a speed of 500,000 rpm. They are often made up of steel and tungsten carbide material.

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