Dental Implants Can Be Placed at the Time of Tooth Extraction
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Dental Implants Can Be Placed at the Time of Tooth Extraction

12 Nov, 2015

Dental Implants Can Be Placed at the Time of Tooth Extraction

Dental implant technology continues to advance and new generation of dental implants and surfaces have made them more predictable. The surgeon often is the specialist that also perform the tooth extraction. It is ideal to place the implant at the time of the tooth extraction. The extraction socket can be prepared to receive the implant, hence, speeding up the process and saving the patient's months in the process of healing. Proper surgical planning and anticipating the size of the extraction socket is very important in selection of the proper Implant size that can be placed. Once the Dental Implant is placed securely in the socket any areas of bone deficiency is augmented by Bone Grafting material. The area of surgery is secured by Dental Barrier Membranes that is composed of resorbable collagen and sutures are placed. Each patient heals differently, however, the Implant and Bone Graft is usually healed within 3 months and the tooth restoration can be placed at that time.
Bone grafting science has also advanced as newer materials such as synthetic bone can be used to graft large areas of the patient's mouth. These materials can be used in Maxillary Sinus Elevation and preparation of the maxillary sinus to receive dental implants. There is also human bone that is procured and has gone through stringent sterilization process.
Advanced Dental Implant technology and Bone Grafting techniques has virtually eliminated the need for removable partial dentures for patients. The patients can eat and function with comfort knowing that their dental prosthesis is secure for life.

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