Dental Implant Failures - An Overview
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Dental Implant Failures - An Overview

12 Nov, 2015

Dental Implant Failures - An Overview

It is very clearly reported and also well known that the risk of dental implant failure is very low. But as in any other surgeries, dental implant surgery also has a small probability of complications. If you are careful, most of these can be determined before going for the surgery itself and hence can be avoided.
In fact most of the implant failures occur soon after the surgery. It is most unlikely to occur at a later stage. The dental implant failure can be attributed to many factors. Poor bone structure, overheating of the bones, contamination on the implants or implant sites, improper application of forces before or after the process and many other such items can cause dental implant failures. If you do your treatment with a professional and skilled implant surgeon, most of these types of risks can be avoided. A perfect surgeon will assess the conditions of the sites, use only sterile equipments and also follow perfect procedures. It is very important to have full co-operation from the side of the patient as well, especially in the post surgery period.
Poor oral health and unhygienic practices can lead to implant failures. So you should be extremely careful during the healing period to get rid of any chances of failures. Patients are requested to follow all guidelines put forward by the surgeon for a faster healing and also to avoid the occurrence of any dental implant failures. You have to be extra cautious about the unusual pains and swellings and report immediately to the dentist. Otherwise these may lead to spreading of infections to the implants.
You can discuss with the dentist about your personal habits, especially smoking before going for the implant. Smoking can sometimes lead to the dental implant failures.
In rare occasions rejection of the implant and reaction of the gums to the implants were noted. In fact the material used for implants, titanium has proven ability to join with live tissues and it is very unlikely that an implant causes the rejection or reaction. Mostly it is the bacteria at the implant site develop these types of dental implant failures. The rejection tendency after the procedure can be recognized by the swelling in the gums and inflammations around the implant site.
Perfect placement of the implants is required to avoid any possible dental implant failures. These should be placed such that the biting forces act uniformly over the implants. Also you should take care while chewing and biting with the implants. Make sure that you are not subjecting it to unnatural forces. Teeth grinding can also cause problems with the implants and can lead at later stage for dental implant failure.
If you are natural teeth grinder, you can get a mouth guard from your dentist to overcome the difficulties.
Surgery efficiency is more than 95% and the chances of failures are very rare. Even if the failure happens, it is possible to do another implant at the same site. Only thing is, you should able to identify the reasons of dental implant failure and take necessary precautions before going for the second attempt.

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