Dental Examination in 3 Steps
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Dental Examination in 3 Steps

12 Nov, 2015

Dental Examination in 3 Steps

A typical dental exam should be scheduled every six months. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, mouth and throat. These visits can include a head and neck exam, a clinical dental examination, and a typical dental cleaning. Sometimes, a brief orthodontic examination may be performed by the dentist as well.
1. The head and neck examination typically takes dental exams a step further than traditional checkups. The dentist will likely examine your facial structure, palpitation of chewing muscles, and palpitation of lymph nodes. Furthermore, the dentist will sometimes perform a cancer screening and examine your Temporomandibular joint to make sure that everything is in line.
2. A clinical dental examination, sometimes included in the six month checkup, includes screenings for gingivitis and periodontal pockets. Tooth mobility, mucus membranes, saliva, and occlusion (bite) are almost always examined in the clinical dental platform. Your dentist will look for tooth decay, broken fillings, erosion, and the ever dreaded "contact between teeth," additionally.
3. Finally, the dental cleaning procedure will begin. This starts with an overall assessment of mouth cleanliness and scaling. After this, polishing or brushing of the teeth, flossing, and oral hygiene instructions will be administered by the dental care professional servicing you. Many times, you may also be administered a fluoride treatment.
If one has orthodontic appliances, such as braces or a retainer, there is a possibility that a brief orthodontic examination may occur, additionally. Though typically performed by an orthodontist, a standard dentist can also check the pressure of your arch wire, monitor your bite and the rate of its correction, and make sure that your retainer is continually doing the right things to maintain straight teeth. The dentist may also recommend a teeth whitening regimen if you just recently had your teeth removed. This is usually done with teeth whitening kits, or even take-home teeth whitening gel. While professional teeth whitening may sometimes be a necessity, at home solutions tend to work just as well for most patients.
After completing the full dental examination, your dentist will likely outline a detailed treatment plan - should one be deemed necessary. They will also schedule a follow-up appointment with you, typically six months from the present date. Regular preventative maintenance, along with a home care regimen will be crucial in maintaining good oral health. A home care regimen might include brushing your teeth 2-3 times daily, flossing, the utilization of mouth wash and antiseptic, and, brushing your tong each day to prevent bad breathe.

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