Creating Dental Front Office Appeal
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Creating Dental Front Office Appeal

12 Nov, 2015

Creating Dental Front Office Appeal

Marketing your dental practice correctly is a big factor in your success. Obviously, there are the key items to consider, such as: fliers; newspaper ads; word of mouth; etc. But most dental practices overlook an important aspect of marketing: their front office appeal!
These top tips will help make your dental front office a great marketing tool!
•Identify your target market. Are you a family practice? Are most of your patients children? Do your patients consist of nearby corporate employees stopping in on their lunch break? Answering this question defines your marketing strategy.
•Create a theme. When your patients walk through your door, you want them to be greeted by a front office that represents your practice. If you deal with mostly children, decorate with vibrant stripes of color. If you wish to appeal to an upscale market, create an atmosphere of sophistication with designer lounges, water fountains and dimmed lights. The possibilities are endless!
•Stage your furniture. It is best to offer those patients at the counter privacy from other patients (for reasons why, please see Compliance Courses). Situate your chairs and bookcases closer to the front door and away from the desk.
•Provide suitable reading material. If you are marketing to families, a wide range of reading material is needed in your front office (i.e. People, fitness and parenting magazines). If your target market is more specific, though, you need to stock your shelves accordingly. If a high powered CEO is waiting for his check up in his dentist's swanky waiting room, it would be very out of place for him to see "Knitting Digest"!
•Keep it neat! You would think this one would be a no brainer, but, there are many front offices out there that are in a constant state of disarray. You don't need to pick up after every patient, but having your dental front office staff realize the importance of having a good "face" to the world via your waiting room should help keep everyone aware that if they see a mess, they should fix it. If your patients see that your waiting room is a disaster, they will subconsciously start to wonder how the rest of your practice is kept.
•Advertise. The front office is a perfect place to advertise all of your services. Either create fliers or have brochures professionally made outlining all of your areas of expertise. Someone may be there for their regular teeth cleaning and not realize that you have a great teeth whitening procedure that is affordable. Be sure to keep your fliers/brochures neatly stacked or in holders.
•Keep the kids happy. If the kids are happy, mom is happy and then dad is happy, which all equates to repeat business for you! If you have children that are patients, create a "kids' area" stocked with books, toys and maybe even a video game system. Kids love prizes; have them draw something out of a special area to play with during each visit that they can take home. For older children, have a monthly competition where they can win a fabulous prize.
Don't forget: all of your front office appeal ties in to your target dental marketing. Make a strong decision there and the rest is easy!

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