Could Your Jaw Pain Be Bruxism
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Could Your Jaw Pain Be Bruxism

12 Nov, 2015

Could Your Jaw Pain Be Bruxism

Bruxism or is it TMJ? Temporomandibular jaw disease, is a name that is given to many painful jaw conditions. Usually there is pain in the face, teeth and jaw. All causes for TMJ are not known. It can be the result of an injury to the face and jaw or it could be attributed to dental work you recently had done. Auto-immune diseases or misaligned teeth can be the cause or it may be something else. If you are grinding your teeth at night, i recommend you to visit your dentist and ask him the question, could your jaw pain be bruxism?
Could it be TMJ? It is very difficult to diagnose. What can look like TMJ can really be signs of other medical conditions? Could your jaw pain be bruxism instead? Facial pain and sinus or ear infections can cause jaw pain too. Maybe you have an abscessed tooth or you have migraine headaches. As you can see, jaw pain can have a lot of different causes.
At any rate, you need to know the answer to the question of if your jaw pain could be TMJ. You need to know the answer so you can treat it or try to cure it. Bruxism is a serious problem. It is not enough just to wonder if your pain could be the cause of the teeth pain. You need to have a proper diagnosis. Going to the appropriate professional for a complete evaluation is the only way to get a proper diagnosis. Then you can consider your options to treat it or try to cure it.
Thousands of people suffer from bruxism disorder. If you are suffering jaw pain and find your teeth are being worn down to where they are almost flat or smooth, you probably have this disorder. There are many ways to treat it besides wearing a mouth guard at night. Try out different natural ways before you spend hundreds on a mouth guard.

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