Composite Teeth Binding Procedure Guide
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Composite Teeth Binding Procedure Guide

12 Nov, 2015

Composite Teeth Binding Procedure Guide

One of the most important aspects of our overall well-being and appearance is our teeth. Taking diligent expert care of your teeth can help you have a healthy and bright smile. In some cases however, this may not be enough to get that perfect smile you have always dreamed about. Teeth can suffer decay, become misaligned, and even become discolored. Proper professional dental treatment can help. In fact cosmetic dental procedures are focused on specifically improving the health and appearance of your smile.
One of the most common practiced cosmetic procedures today is composite tooth bonding. This is a simple procedure used for a variety of reasons. Bonding can repair decay, cover small gaps, reshape teeth, restore chipped or cracked teeth, and even permanently brighten teeth. Basically, the procedure involves the bonding of a strong composite on to the surface of the teeth.
Following the procedure it is important that you take proper care of your bonded teeth just like you do of your natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing are a must. Dentist recommend using a mild toothpaste like SuperSmile following bonding procedures as it will maintain the shine. While the bonds are very strong you should avoid biting on hard foods. Excessive alcohol consumption will lead to severe deterioration of the bonds as well. Always be sure to remind your hygienist during cleanings which teeth are bonded so that they can receive proper gentler care.
The only significant down side to bonding is the cost. It is more expensive than traditional silver fillings for example but the benefits far out way the added cost. If the procedure is done for structural reasons your dental insurance will cover the entire cost of the procedure. The average cost per tooth can range between $300 and $600 dollars.

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