CEREC Technology For a Beautiful Smile For Valentine's Day
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CEREC Technology For a Beautiful Smile For Valentine's Day

12 Nov, 2015

CEREC Technology For a Beautiful Smile For Valentine's Day

A Beautiful Smile for Valentine's Day
Remember when Liz Lemon in 30 Rock booked an appointment at the dentist on Valentine's Day so that she wouldn't be alone? You don't have to go to those extremes, but if you want a beautiful smile for Valentine's Day, you may want to consider visiting one of the CEREC dentists in your area.
What Is CEREC?
CEREC, also known as CEramic REConstruction or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a dental restoration product that uses computer technology such as 3-D photography and CAD/CAM programs.
CEREC dentists follow a set procedure. The tooth will be scanned for a 3-D photograph and then CAD technology used to design the crown. The information is sent wirelessly to the milling unit, which creates the crown using diamond-tipped burs. Dentists usually make crowns from blocks of biocompatible, plaque-resistant, anti-abrasive ceramic. The crown is affixed to the tooth with a type of resin cement.
CEREC can also be used by dentists for large fillings and veneers.
Benefits of CEREC
One visit. When you visit CEREC dentists, you only need one visit for your dental restoration work, whereas previously you would have had to go to the surgery a number of times.
Quick and easy. CEREC dentists' use of technology means they do not have to take mouth or tooth impressions or fit a temporary crown, thus it makes the whole experience far more pleasant for patients.
Keep more tooth. A tooth that is being prepared for CEREC work will not be ground down as much as it would be for a traditional crown. This means that more of the healthy part of the tooth is preserved.
No metal. The material used for CEREC crowns is ceramic, which is strong, metal-free, and usually non-allergenic.
How to Choose CEREC Dentists
Choose CEREC dentists with care, as some practitioners may be more skilled and have more experience using this tool. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they have used dentists who have CEREC machines-word of mouth is the best reference. Dentists should advise patients on the options, as not all teeth are suitable for CEREC work.
If you want to give yourself a special Valentine's Day present, do your research and make a booking with one of your local dentists who offers CEREC technology. Just don't have it done on Valentine's Day-reserve that day for you and your loved one!

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