Causes of Halitosis - What and Why
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Causes of Halitosis - What and Why

12 Nov, 2015

Causes of Halitosis - What and Why

Bad breath, or in a more formal and technical sense, halitosis, is very rampant with people. It is generally accepted that each and every person living in this world will suffer from it at least once in their whole lives. However, what are not commonly known amongst most sufferers and people are the causes of halitosis. Why it starts, where it starts and basically, how it starts.
To help with that, here is a list of the main causes of halitosis.
•Food- Aside from onion and garlic, there are a lot of types of food out there that are basically notorious for their breath-altering abilities. Eggs for example have a very undesirable effect on one's breath, especially the yolk. Meat, in all of its kinds and forms, also contribute to halitosis, since they tend to last longer in one's digestive system and will cause an undesirable smell in the long run.
•Beverages - Alcoholic drinks, such as beers and wines, may cause halitosis or bad breath, well, because of their alcohol content. The alcohol in these beverages helps the mouth dry up faster, making it a better and more suitable place in which oral bacteria can thrive and grow in. Another drink notorious for causing rancid breath or halitosis is coffee. Coffee coats the tongue with a black pigment, preventing it from receiving enough oxygen, making it drier along the process. The result? A dry mouth which is one of the main causes of halitosis.
•Lack of Proper Dental Hygiene - It is often recommended by most dentists that in order to maintain healthy, strong and white teeth, a person must brush at least twice or thrice a day. However, doing so, does not only promote better-looking teeth, but also, it cleans and flushes away the bacteria in the mouth, preventing oral bacteria from accumulating and becoming a nuisance.
Of these three main causes of halitosis, the most common problem with people is the fact that they lack knowledge when it comes to the proper and right dental hygiene. Granted, brushing will help in preventing dental related problems, but, it alone cannot fight the millions of oral bacteria inside the mouth. It is important to use a toothbrush that comes with a tongue and cheek cleaner. This is because the cheek and tongue are two areas in which most oral bacteria are located.
Also, most people do not know this, but mouthwashes do not really help much in treating and preventing bad breath. Although, it may cool the mouth and make the breath smell good, it does not really target the main problems of halitosis, and basically has the same effect as chewing a gum.

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