Buying an Individual Dental Coverage Plan - Questions to Ask
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Buying an Individual Dental Coverage Plan - Questions to Ask

12 Nov, 2015

Buying an Individual Dental Coverage Plan - Questions to Ask

We always want to have a healthy bright smile. We don't want people staring because of the cavities or defects on our teeth. That is the reason why we seek out ways on how to take good care of our teeth without spending much. So if you want to improve those venires, then an individual dental coverage plan is an excellent choice to consider. Here are questions you need to ask to identify which insurance plan will work best for you.
What are the Benefits?
It is important that you are acquainted with all the benefits of your chosen plan. For instance, does it include a regular check up, tooth polishing, teeth x-ray, teeth whitening, fillings, or even laser treatment? There are a lot of dental plans to choose from so remember to choose a plan that suits your needs.
What is the Payment Scheme?
Be aware of the terms being used in your insurance contract specifically the sum payout or premium. This refers to the particular amount you have to shell out either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly in turn of getting the coverage from the insurance company. The decision is yours as to how much premium you want to pay. Take note that the higher your pay, the more benefits or coverage you will get. Furthermore, always check for the deductibles and co-payments added to different plans.
What About the Dentist Option?
There are some insurance companies that have their own list of dentists and only those are covered for the proposed benefits. Moreover, some company only limit dental treatments for a particular dental clinic only. Solicit advice from your financial consultant when buying an insurance plan and demand for more clarification and details about the product.
Is there any Special Clause or Exclusion?
Do not forget to check the clause and exclusion on your policy booklets. That is the most important thing to validate in choosing dental insurance. For instance, some companies do not include tooth polishing while others do. Knowing these exclusions of services will help you decide if your choice of plan is worth your money or not.

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