Build Patient Loyalty and Lasting Relationships Through Your Dental Recalls
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Build Patient Loyalty and Lasting Relationships Through Your Dental Recalls

12 Nov, 2015

Build Patient Loyalty and Lasting Relationships Through Your Dental Recalls

Every dentist knows that it is very important to build patient loyalty within their practice, but how much effort and resources are actually put towards doing so? Here are a few tips for you to apply in your office to help build patient loyalty and grow your practice. These tips are focused on how an effective dental recall system can help you build loyalty and lasting relationships.
Be a Friend First: A patient who feels comfortable and at home in your office is a patient who will come back. When you perform the dental recall, be friendly and genuine. Make your patients feel like your friends rather than another customer. Care about the things going on in their life besides their dental care. How are their kids' sports teams doing, how was their recent vacation, is everyone in their family doing well? Keep simple notes of the activities going on in their lives that you can refer to during the dental recall. Talk to them about those notes will help you build a lasting friendship with your patients and build their loyalty to your practice.
Be Understanding: Your patients have busy lives. It is important to be understanding of their needs when carrying out your dental recalls. Provide them with flexible appointment times. If you need to work one Saturday each month in order to provide appointment times to those who can't make it during the week, than do it. Also, if patients are running a bit late or have to cancel unexpectedly, treat them with respect and understand that things happen. Avoid harsh punishments for small offenses.
Stay Connected: Seeing your patient in the office is simply not enough communication to build loyalty. Dental checkups should be a process and not an event. Effective dental recalls to all of your overdue patients is critical to having consistent communication with you patients. During the dental recalls remind them of the importance of their biannual checkups and encourage them to schedule an appointment. Don't wait for them to call you. These dental recalls are a great opportunities to see how patients are doing and thank them for being such great patients. After the appointment is scheduled you should contact your patient again a few days before their visit to remind them of the appointment.
Resolve any concerns that may have come up and tell them that you look forward to seeing them. After the appointment it is a great idea to check up with patients and see how they are doing. Make sure that they were satisfied with their visit and encourage them to keep in touch with the office until they come in again. Make sure that your patients name gets put back onto the dental recall list if they become overdue again.
Focus on the Little Things: There are many small acts that can show your patients that you care. If you're running a little behind schedule, apologize to your patients for the wait. Be sure to always thank them for being such a great patient, in person and during your dental recalls. Looking for small ways to show your patients that they are important to you can go a long way in building patient loyalty.
Reward loyalty: Many dentists spend thousands of dollars in marketing every year and promise rewards for first time visitors. What about the current patients, those who have been visiting your practice for years? Don't they deserve a reward? Find creative ways to reward your patients for their loyalty. Show them that their business is important to you. Be sincere and you will see the retention rate of your practice grow and your patients become increasingly loyal to you. You can also put a little of your marketing budget into a dental recall company. A dental recall company will take care of calling all of your overdue patients and scheduling them directly into your practice management software. Dental recall companies such as WEAVE communications are very economical and give very good returns.

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