Bruxism - How to Ease and Cure TMJ Suffering
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Bruxism - How to Ease and Cure TMJ Suffering

12 Nov, 2015

Bruxism - How to Ease and Cure TMJ Suffering

Most people who do not suffer from bruxism are completely unaware as to the kind of damage it can cause to your health and teeth. The extent of the damage that some people suffer from can be as extreme as cracked teeth caused by grinding and chewing while they sleep. The obvious answer is to find a cure, but the problem is that the most common cure for TMJ involve the use of a mouth guard to reduce grinding of your teeth. Using a mouth guard is in no way a cure and only serves to alleviate the problem but never completely rid it. The other problem with mouth guards is that they can be extremely expensive, which wouldn't be an issue if they could cure TMJ but since they don't this only adds insult to injury for TJM sufferers. The failure of modern medicine to offer some kind of real solution to TMJ sufferers has lead many people to look for alternative and more natural ways to stop their suffering. Here are just two of some alternatives people use to reduce the pain that bruxism can cause.
The majority of people use their nose to breathe while sleeping but by forcing yourself to breathe with your mouth you may be able to put an end to grinding your teeth. Just how can you make sure that you only breathe with your mouth and not your nose while sleeping? The most common method involves the use of nose plugs, more specifically those used by swimmers. This rather simple method has actually worked wonders for many people and you have nothing to lose by trying it. The cure to your own bruxism might be as simple as using your mouth to breathe while sleeping.
If you find that nose plugs don't work or you have already tried them, then another popular alternative bruxism cure is one that involves taste. The basic idea here is that if you bite or chew down on something that tastes bad, then you will be less inclined to bite or chew again because of fear of the bad taste. This taste can be caused by the use of anything that has a horrid taste or flavor, such as salt water or garlic. In addition to something that tastes bad you will also need some dentures. Simply place the sour tasting water or garlic in capsules and then affix them to the dentures. Wear the dentures while sleeping and with some luck you may find a significant reduction in the amount of teeth grinding you do. It will probably take a couple of weeks before you see any results as it will take time for your subconscious to become aware of the bad taste associated with teeth grinding while you sleep.

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