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Breathing Fresh and Easy

12 Nov, 2015

Breathing Fresh and Easy

There are many things that could cause one's bad breath. Although some may think that proper oral hygiene is enough for breath to always be fresh and minty, different medical conditions can also cause foul smelling breath. For example, having a bad case of dry mouth can lead for your breath to smell like it could wilt about a thousand roses. There are many different causes of dry mouth; some may easily be treatable while others may need the practiced hand of a medical doctor.
Dry mouth is a condition in which the inside of your oral orifice does not have enough saliva. Saliva is a vital component in keeping the mouth healthy. Without it, you will not be able to swallow properly, speak, and keep bacteria at bay. Bacteria are an ever present substance in your mouth. Even if you do brush your teeth every after meal, bacteria still form and proliferate inside your mouth. If you cannot produce enough saliva, it becomes faster for the bacteria to spread.
One example that is easy to understand is the morning breath that you suffer from every morning. Some forms of mouthwash may be able to lessen the sour smell of your breath, but nothing can clear it up entirely. This is because during the night, you may have involuntarily breathed through your mouth and kept it open. Breathing through your mouth is just one of the more simple causes of dry mouth.
Of course, dry mouth can be caused by a lot of other factors. However, the symptoms are pretty much the same. Some of the symptoms include a sticky feeling inside the mouth, cracked lips, dryness in the throat, difficulty with chewing and swallowing, and of course bad breath. Treatment for dry mouth and some of its symptoms can be found in a book called Bad Breath Bible.

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