Bad Tartar Buildup- Facts and Prevention Techniques
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Bad Tartar Buildup- Facts and Prevention Techniques

12 Nov, 2015

Bad Tartar Buildup- Facts and Prevention Techniques

Bad tartar buildup can cause multiple dental problems that affect your social life and ultimately, your health. Tartar, or calculus, builds up on everyone's teeth and visiting a dentist regularly and implementing an at-home cleansing routine can significantly impact the level of buildup and reduce the embarrassment of bad breath and unsightly teeth.
What Causes A Buildup of Bad Tartar?
Tartar buildup is plaque that has become hardened on your teeth. First, plaque builds up and attracts minerals. The saliva in your mouth plays a role in causing the minerals to attach to the plaque and become hardened. Once the material becomes hardened, it is difficult to remove without the assistance of a professional dentist.
It only takes 26 hours for plaque to attract minerals and cause a hardened surface to appear. Bad tartar buildup can cause multiple problems for your teeth that can lead to health concerns.
What Problems Can This Cause?
Once tartar begins to form on the surface of your teeth, flossing and brushing can become less effective. The saliva and food debris in your mouth, which contain acids and bacteria, can begin the process of decaying your teeth. In addition, you may develop gingivitis, a gum disease, which causes bleeding and tender gums. Bad tartar buildup can cause the tissues that connect your teeth and gums to disappear, which leads to the condition periodontitis. People who suffer from the condition typically lose their teeth. In addition, you may experience receding and inflamed gums.
What Can I Do to Prevent Such Issues?
There are multiple good habits you can train yourself to perform that will lessen the tartar buildup on your teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly will reduce the amount of plaque that builds up on your teeth. You should brush your teeth twice per day and ensure you reach each surface of every tooth. Flossing everyday will remove plaque from between your teeth and prevent tartar formation at the gum line. In addition, lessening the amount of sugar-containing products and soft drinks you consume will help reduce the amount of food available for bacteria.
What Can I Use to Whiten My Teeth?
Tartar and foods can leave stains on your teeth. Whitening your teeth with the taste and power of cinnamon offers a pleasurable experience. You can also use natural cinnamon sticks as a breath freshener. There are several products on the market that offer the refreshing taste of cinnamon combined with whitening agents.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about bad tartar buildup and other related topics. Read more about whitening-your-teeth-with-the-taste-and-power-of-cinnamon at the author's website.

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