All The Symptoms Of Oral Yeast Infection
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All The Symptoms Of Oral Yeast Infection

12 Nov, 2015

All The Symptoms Of Oral Yeast Infection

Oral yeast infection or oral thrush is an infection caused by yeast in the mouth. When you think that you have all the symptoms of oral yeast infection, it is best to first see a health professional and have yourself checked for purposes of proper treatment.
Those who are at risk for getting all the symptoms of oral yeast infection are newborn babies, adults with diabetes or metabolic disturbances, drug users, denture users, people who are going through antibiotic treatment, those who are undergoing chemotherapy and people having immune deficiency or poor nutrition.
There are four forms of oral yeast infection.
Moniliasis can be observed when a smooth creamy yellow or white coating is found on the oral surface and once wiped off will reveal a red underlying tissue.
Erythematous will be identified with red peeling patches which can be usually found on the palate or tongue.
Hyperplastic is where the extra tissue cannot be easily wiped off because of the staining due to certain foods or tobacco.
Lastly, angular cheilitis is evident when red cracks found at the corners of the mouth covered with a membrane can be observed.
All the symptoms of oral yeast infection which are common to sufferers include white, yellow or cream-colored spots in the mouth. These spots are a little bit raised. Normally, there is no pain felt in the area underneath these spots however if you scrape them, they would leave you small wounds that bleed a bit.

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