A Beginner's Guide to Finding a Personal Dentist
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A Beginner's Guide to Finding a Personal Dentist

12 Nov, 2015

A Beginner's Guide to Finding a Personal Dentist

No. this is not about conditioning your hair. Yes. This is about conditioning yourself. I will assume at this moment that you have never consulted with a dentist before and you just happen to have an epiphany about your oral health. I get it. Many people don't have personal dentists and have not had a regular dental checkup since their school years. Even then, they only see the school dentist. They did not willingly enter a dental clinic and schedule an appointment for dental checkup. So a good steady self-conditioning before starting this new quest in your life can help you go through it with ease.
Of course, you can't just enter the nearest dental clinic, grab the nearest dentist, and tell him or her that you want to become a client there. Research is a key reason in landing a good dentist. You can always ask friends and family members to recommend a good dentist for you. If you do not trust the recommendations of your relatives and friends, you can conduct research on your own by surfing the Internet. Just make sure that you won't fall to the sweet-talking of some marketing materials. In short, be critical.
Getting acquainted
When you have finally found the dentist that you like, take the time to become acquainted with him or her. That is a necessity if you have plans of having a long-term dentist-patient relationship in the future. Take the time to exchange more than hello and oral facts to each other. You can start with the clichd talk about the weather. I know it's lame, but you have to start somewhere. Later on, you can start asking questions like, "so, how are you feeling today?" and so forth.
That is, until your arrangement has turned into something resembling friendship and eventually friendship itself. Yes, your arrangement is supposed to become purely professional. However, it has been continually proven that every relationship is better when there is friendship involved. You can actually benefit a lot if you have taken the extra step to befriend your professional connections, not only your dentist. When the necessity arises, you can easily pull some strings and take advantage of that already rooted friendship you have with your dentist or lawyer or doctor. Aside from the advantages you can gain from them, it is also a delight to form new friends. Just because.
Developing a relationship
Before you know it, you are already developing a relationship with your dentist. Now, this is a relationship based on friendship, trust, and confidence in your dentist's skills. This stage is actually just a bonus to the friendship you have created. When you think that you indeed have reached this stage, then you have probably made a friend for keeps. Of course, your dentist can always stay a distant dental aid to have betterment of your teeth. But going to the dental clinic every six months won't be such a pain if you know a friend is waiting for you there.

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